Gotens awakening.

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Gotens awakening.

Post by Goten Shigiyame on Sun Sep 28, 2008 9:01 pm

Goten's eyes snap open as emerges from his deep meditative coma. "Hrm..." His eyes still closed,goten gathers himself and he slowly senses out of the chamber. "Things definetly have changed..." He Stands up,Grunting slightly,due to his long period of inactivity. slowly limping over to the door of the HBTC,goten unlocks and opens it. "Ah...time to see how things have changed." Goten steps out of the HBTC and into the open,then shooting up into the air,flying off.

Moves and ki attacks known
Kamehameha,Chou Kamehameha,Komakai suru,Burst Kishot,Kishot flurry and Kishot,stun palm,Masenko,Instant transmission,Zanzoken and Ki Barrier.

Super saiyan one,two,three and four.
Kaioken X10-X100
"Ultra" Mode (Can only be obtained by spending a long period of time in the HBTC,Training.)[b]
Goten Shigiyame
Goten Shigiyame

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