Saiyan Transformations

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Saiyan Transformations

Post by Nakarot on Sat Aug 09, 2008 11:37 am

Super Saiyan 1:
Boosts: 2 times original PL to all saiyans
Requirments: 1/16th saiyans-100,000
Halfies- 2,00,000
Pure saiyans- 3,000,000
Reason: Halfies can only go super saiyan 2 thus they get it sooner than pure saiyans

Super Saiyan 2:
Boosts:3 times original PL
Requirments: Halfies- 3,750,000 without super saiyan boost
Pure- 4,000,000 without super saiyan boost more requirments will be added later

Super saiyan 3 (only pures)
Boost: 5 times PL
Requirments: 10,000,000 without super saiyan 2 boost More requirments added later

Ultimate Saiyan (halfies only)
Boost: 5.5 times original PL
requirments: need kai to unlock ultimate potential, 37,500,000 PL and must have super saiyan 2 more added at a later date

ssj 4 only pures
boosts: 15 times pl
requirements need ssj 3, ape tail and a pl of 57 million

ssj5 only pures

Boost:25 times pl
requirments: need ssj4,ape tail and a pl of 70 million

ssj6 only pures
Boost:40 times pl
requirments: need ssj5,ape tail and a pl of 10 million



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